Camp Northwood

Special Needs Camp:
ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Learning Disabilities

Overnight Camp

Camp Address
132 State Route 365
Remsen, New York 13438
(315) 831-3621

Since 1976, Camp Northwood & The Northwood Center have been providing quality programming to a coed population of 165 socially immature, high functioning autistic spectrum and learning challenged children in need of structure and individualized attention. It is our 2:1 camper/counselor ratio, non-competitive recreational programming and intentional focus on social skill development that enable our students to experience acceptance in a thriving camp community.

Camp Northwood's unique program model enables campers, ranging in age from 8-18, to experience a wide variety of traditional summer camp activities while receiving individualized social skills direction, reinforcement and opportunity.

The Northwood Center summer program focuses on the development of independent living skills for young adults ranging in age from 16-21. These students have made the transition from a traditional summer camp oriented social/recreational program to a more life skills/ independent living style curriculum. Social and recreational programming still play a major role in the Northwood Center experience, yet are incorporated into our independent living programming.

Camp Northwood Camp Picture
Camp Northwood Camp Picture

Camp Facilities

Camp Northwood & The Northwood Center are located on the edge of Hinckley Reservoir, a gorgeous 9-mile lake located just north of Utica, NY on the edge of the beautiful Adirondack Park. Our 40 acre campus has been the site of children’s' camping since the 40s and been updated over the years to reflect the traditional emphasis of our camp program. Our current program has been utilizing the site since 1976.
Camp Northwood campers live in spacious cabins and we do not utilize bunk beds. Each cabin has its own bathroom, hot water, showers etc... Our staff, a minimum of three counselors, lives in our cabins with the campers and provides 24 hour support and supervision.
The Northwood Center campus was built in 2001 to accommodate students while they spend their summer learning how to live independently. Each of our four houses has its own kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, dining area and living space. Students live in rooms with a single roommate. Two staff members live in each house along with six students.
The Northwood campus provides ample opportunity for a variety of social/recreational activities whether indoor or outside. An indoor basketball court, social hall, theater, arts & crafts center, computer lab, science lab, rocketry lab, kitchen lab assure that there is never a lack of activity during those rainy moments each summer. Our softball field, soccer field, tennis courts, outdoor basketball court, archery range, volleyball/badminton courts and complete waterfront facility provide excellent opportunities for our campers/students to experience a wide variety of traditional camp activities.
Our dining facility comfortably seats up to 250 campers/staff and while our food is served family style, our setup is cafeteria style allowing for plenty of socialization during meal times.

Camp Staff

Although we take great pride in our outstanding facilities and scenic surroundings, we feel that the most important and impressive aspect of Camp Northwood is our staff. Our staff is selected with an emphasis on maturity, dedication, teaching experience and academic training in special education and other related fields. A high return rate of staff (and campers) ensures continuity within the Northwood program from year to year. It is our philosophy that all staff members are hired as General Counselors and should always be focused first and foremost on the development of our campers’ Social Skills, Self-esteem & Independence.

Camp FAQs

How do I register my child?
Please contact Gordie at our office. He will discuss the Northwood program with you as well as get a sense of your child. Each perspective camper must be interviewed in order to determine Northwood's ability to provide a successful experience. References and registration materials are available, if appropriate, upon the completion of the interview process.

How long are the camp sessions?
Camp Northwood operates one seven-week session each summer season. The reason that we do not offer short one or two week sessions is that our social curriculum is based on a full summer. The development of age-appropriate social skills takes time. Our campers receive not only social skill instruction, but just as important, an opportunity to practice these skills in a social setting. The internalization of these skills requires time. Occasionally we do offer a "short-session" for first time campers or campers that, due to scheduling, are not able to stay the full seven weeks. This session begins on the first day of camp and ends on Parents' Day, which is the first Saturday in August.

How do campers get to Camp Northwood
Camp Northwood provides bus transportation to and from NYC with an additional pick-up in Westchester County and then again just south of Albany, New York. Families are welcome to drive campers to our facility and we are happy to arrange for a pick-up at the Syracuse airport for campers that are flying in and out for the summer.

What makes Camp Northwood unique?
* We are a family owned, private independent camp dedicated to excellence in programming.... and we love what we do! * The newest member of our senior staff will be celebrating her 6th season with us during the summer of 2015. Our most senior member of the staff will be celebrating her 36 year in 2015. Many of our cabin counselors have been on staff for 5+ years and all cabins are led by experienced returning staff members. * Our emphasis on the development of social skills, self-esteem & independence as well as our sense of community makes for a wonderfully accepting environment. * Our academic reinforcement program helps campers maintain skill levels during the course of the summer. All campers participate in this program based on the individualized requests from their families and school districts.

Do school districts ever help with tuition?
In some cases, depending on your state and the language incorporated into your child's IEP, school districts help to fund camp. Camp Northwood can provide families with a "funding letter" that can be used with school districts when making a request for funding. This letter outlines the socially therapeutic nature of Camp Northwood's program, describes the qualifications of our staff, outlines curriculum and breaks out costs for various aspects of our program.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: July 3, 2019 to August 20, 2019
Multiple camper discounts available