About CampResource.com

CampResource.com was originally launched in 1999 as PACamps.com, an online directory of summer camps in Pennsylvania. Due to the overwhelming response from camp owners and directors from all over the world, one year later CampResource.com made its debut on the Internet as a world-wide summer camp directory.

CampResource.com is a website that provides information about summer camp programs for those seeking the best summer camp to suit their child's needs. CampResource.com is neither a camp association nor camp advisory service and, therefore, does not make specific recommendations as to what may be best for your child. You know your child's needs best, which is why CampResource.com simply provides the information so that you may make the choice.

The camps listed within CampResource.com have done so at their own discretion and CampResource.com makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information provided.

CampResource.com does not endorse any camp listed in the directory nor will it provide any information other than that within the camp's listing.

If you need to contact CampResource.com, please feel free to do so.