Frequently Asked Questions

Parents/Campers is a website that provides information about camps in the United States, Canada and other international locations for those seeking the best summer camp to suit their child's needs. is neither a camp association nor camp advisory service and, therefore, does not make specific recommendations as to what may be best for your child. You know your child's needs best, which is why simply provides the information so that you may make the choice.

The camps listed within have done so at their own discretion and makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information provided. does not endorse any camp listed in the directory nor will it provide any information other than that within the camp's listing.

No. In fact, you do not even need to register to use Feel free to browse, search and contact camps listed in our as often as you like.

If you are seeking a specific type of camp for your child such as a basketball camp, you may click on the "Sports Camps" link on the home page or from the drop-down list under the "Camp Directory" link at the top of any page. From the Sports Camps directory, simply click on the "Basketball" link to display every basketball camp listed with

If you wish to narrow your search even further, you may query the directory using the advanced camp search form. The search form provides for specific camp criteria for which to search.

Once you find a camp that suits your needs, you may either telephone the camp yourself or, depending on the type of listing the camp has, visit their web site, email specific questions, or use the form provided on their web page to request camp information be sent directly to you.

No. When you complete the form that appears with the camp's web page for requesting information, your information is sent to that camp ONLY. We do not send your information to all the camps listed or even those in which we think your child may have an interest.

Camp Owners/Directors

Camp owners and directors are invited to list their camp with To do so, click the "Add Your Camp" link located at the top of any page. You may select from one of four listing plans, each with its own value-added benefits.

Yes. If you operate more than one camp, have multiple locations or offer multiple interests such as academics and sports, you may list as many camps as necessary. Each additional camp listing may be added for 50% of the initial camp's total listing fee BEFORE any discounts. Additional camps MUST be added with the same listing plan and duration.

You may log in to your Camp Listing Manager and make any changes necessary. All changes are immediately updated and available for display to visitors.

You may upgrade your Bronze listing at any time by logging into your Camp Listing Manager and clicking the "Upgrade Listing" link.

Camp directory listings and search results are ranked based on listing plan chosen in the following order: 1) Platinum; 2) Gold; 3) Silver; 4) Bronze. Within each plan grouping, camps are then randomly sorted for each individual visitor so one camp has no advantage over another with the same listing plan.

Only camps listed with the Gold or Platinum Plans are eligible to receive camp information requests directly from their listings. If your camp is listed with the Gold or Platinum Plan, a "Request Information" form appears with your web page listing. When submitted by a visitor, the request is sent to the camp email address you specified with your listing. In addition, all referrals are kept in the database for one year so you may access the information from those you have received during the previous 12-months at any time via your Listing Manager.

Camp job opportunity listings are available at no additional charge to camps that select the Silver, Gold or Platinum listing plan. You may post as many job opportunities your camp is offering from your Listing Manager. As with your camp's web page information, you may edit your job listings any time.

Interested job seekers may complete the application included on the job's listing that will be sent to specified email address. Additionally, will retain the information of those that have completed the application form associated with each job for one year. You may access this information via your Listing Manager.

For any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact