Squad STX Boys Camping

Adventure Camp:
Assorted Adventures, Backpacking, Leadership, Wilderness

Overnight Camp

Camp Address
1629 Park Rd 59
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
(903) 883-6398

Squad STX is a unique alternative to traditional summer camp and Boy Scouts. Our program is a 5-day overnight team camping and leadership program in the Texas Hill Country designed and run by former US Army infantry officers to help train boys for a stronger future and expand their leadership potential. This course is for motivated boys age 11-17 interested in less kumbaya and more hooah!

Boys learn the basics of building shelters, reading maps & terrain, night hiking, knife handling, patrol planning, staying hydrated, keeping feet dry, and other outdoor skills. Everyone takes turns as squad leader and as support roles e.g. cooking, trash, shelter prep, with students engaging in “self-directed” activities as a squad. Each session is organized into three squads of six to eight campers in each squad—not segmented by age—and is supervised by a cadre of military veterans. Our camp is located at Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas, a perfect camping location. DVSP is located at the edge of the Texas Hill Country, with hills, trails, and a swimming hole running through the middle of the entire park.

The program is run by a team of Army buddies that are passionate about imparting basic but very important leadership lessons often overlooked outside of the military. The skills that our team works to instill in participants represent a combined 30 years of leading and training young men on five continents.

Today’s youth often grow up in a cocoon of technology that shields them from real-world life lessons that are vital to success. We believe that less screen time and more physical, action-oriented programs like this are essential for young men to become grounded in actual leadership.

Squad STX Boys Camping Camp Picture
Squad STX Boys Camping Camp Picture

Camp Facilities

Squad STX Boys Camping is conducted inside Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas. 

Camp Staff

Squad STX is run by a team of former US Army infantry officers that are passionate about imparting basic  but very important leadership lessons often overlooked outside of the military. The skills that our team works to instill in participants represent a combined 30 years of leading and training young men on five continents.

Camp FAQs

What is this course about?
Squad STX allows young men to practice hands-on leadership using time-tested concepts used in the military—not in terms of drill field discipline or drill sergeant antics, but in terms of assigned roles and duties that rotate among the campers themselves and a focus on team-building and personnel accountability. Instructors draw on years of experience designing squad competitions in the US Army that have been adapted to this setting to provide a fun and adventurous experience. The result is a mix of “self-directed” and instructor-led training that allows students to engage in meaningful leadership experiences while learning the basics of getting around in the wilderness. In short, we provide the adventure of a summer camp, but with more of the leadership from boy scouting.

What is the goal of this course?
Our goal is to provide boys a mix of traditional summer camp and scouting, with a focus on hands-on leadership and general wilderness skills, as well as on students gaining new insights on how to work within teams, solve problems, and realize their leadership potential. Our staff are all Army veterans, so many service-oriented principles influence our outlook on life; but we generally just think the outdoors is a great place to learn leadership, and we enjoy passing on time-tested methodologies.

What does STX mean?
Situational training exercises (STX) are scenario-driven, mission-oriented exercises designed to train one collective task or a group of related tasks. For example, when campers plan their hikes, they may have to incorporate mission goals such as ensuring they arrive with a piece of specified equipment they may have to find and pickup along the route. Likewise during capture-the-flag, as multiple objectives may be involved.

Can you bring a friend?
Refer a friend and you will both receive a 25% discount. You will both be put in the same squad. Email us (subject: bring a friend) for more information.

Is there a packing list?
Yes. See details here about the packing list and limits on what to bring. Everything needs to easily fit inside of or on top of your external frame rucksack/backpack. To test if the packing list is arranged sufficiently, the you should be able to 1) have all items inside or on top of the pack, 2) have your hands empty of holding anything and 3) perform two jumping jacks without any items falling to the ground. Contact us if any questions.

How physically demanding is this?
The most stringent activity will be hiking five to seven miles in one day through state parks carrying 20 to 30 pounds. Instructors are trained in emergency medical response, and we have medical and insurance support if needed in an unfortunate incident, but this course is NOT designed for excruciatingly difficult physical activity (i.e. their middle school football, basketball, or baseball practices are probably more physically demanding than this). The difficulties young men will have in this camp are the lack of creature comforts and the decision-making skills required to lead fellow campers on hikes through nature, setup efficient campsites, and win squad competitions.

Is a physical required?
Yes, we require a typical sports physical (here) for campers to attend. It must be uploaded to your account (here) at least five days before the start of the course. Alternatively, an equivalent physical dated within one year of the course may be submitted in lieu of ours (must contact us first to confirm). We reserve the right to not accept a student determined unfit for the course.

What safety measures are in place?
Squad STX cadre are former US Army officers that have worked with adolescents a minimum of seven years, undergone thorough background checks, and are trained in wilderness first aid. All activities are conducted inside Texas state parks in coordination with park safety protocols. As former military officers, Squad STX cadre take campers' safety extremely seriously.

What is the cancellation policy?
Ten days or more before start date = 100% refund. Five to nine days before start date = 50% refund. Within five days of start date = No refund. If swap with someone else = 100% refund. Contact us to cancel or arrange a swap. If fail to produce a completed physical, there may be risk of no refund.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: June 20, 2018 to July 29, 2018
Multiple camper discounts available

  • SessionDates# CampersTuition
  • Summer Sesson 16/20/2018 to 6/24/201825 Campers$500.00
  • Summer Sesson 26/27/2018 to 7/1/201825 Campers$500.00
  • Summer Sesson 37/18/2018 to 7/22/201825 Campers$500.00
  • Summer Sesson 47/25/2018 to 7/29/201825 Campers$500.00

Camp Location

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