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13528 State Highway AA
Potosi, Missouri 63664
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YMCA Camp Lakewood’s summer overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-17, only 90 minutes south of St. Louis, provides a well-rounded experience for campers by getting them outdoors having fun, making friends and conquering new skills. A 360-acre lake, 5,200 wooded acres, caves and creeks create many opportunities for adventure, exploration and experiential learning. Every camper delights in waking up with a renewed sense of excitement as to what new activities each day at camp will bring. Your camper will forget all about television, video games and smartphones while discovering the ultimate childhood experience, all within the safe and trusted environment of the Y.

YMCA Camp Lakewood offers 4-14 day overnight camp programs, and also ranch, 2-4 week leadership programs, and wilderness programs, with optional electives including high adventure, advanced arts & crafts, paintball, SNAG golf, horsemanship and more.

While campers love sports, horseback riding, arts & crafts, water activities, caving, climbing, ziplining, camp games and more, great kids are grown into well-rounded individuals by teaching respect, responsibility, belonging and accomplishment. Children gain knowledge of the world around them through culturally-diverse staff. 

And what does it mean when everyone at Camp Lakewood says it’s, “My Camp!”? It means every one of our campers has a home away from home. It means every one of our campers has a special place where they can try new things without judgment. It means every camper knows a place where they have friends, where they feel safe, happy and wanted. It means every one of our campers has a camp, their camp, and they know the camper sitting next to them feels the exact same way. It means they are an important part of YMCA Camp Lakewood. So when asked, “Whose camp is this?” – we are excited to hear them say…. “MY CAMP!”

YMCA Camp Lakewood Camp Picture
YMCA Camp Lakewood Camp Picture

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Camp FAQs

How large is the lake?
The lake is 360 acres

Where is YMCA Camp Lakewood located?
YMCA Camp Lakewood is located approximately 90 minutes south of St. Louis.

Is this a day camp as well as overnight?
YMCA Camp Lakewood is strictly an overnight camp.

What are the ages of campers allowed? Both boys and girls?
Ages 6-17 and yes, is for both boys and girls

Where do the summer counselors come from?
YMCA Camp Lakewood is very proud of its camp staff, and hire young men and women from all over the world and right here at home. It's normal to have people from Ireland, Australia, England, Scotland, UK, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and many other countries.

My top concern is my child's safety
The health and safety of each camper is YMCA Camp Lakewood's primary concern. All staff are trained in skills that emphasize safety, youth development and group dynamics. Each counselor is trained in CPR and first aid, and all water activities are closely supervised by staff who are lifeguard certified. A medical professional is always available in our well-equipped camp infirmary, and our local physician is on call to assist in emergencies.

Can I bring my electronics to camp?
One of the many pleasures of camp is getting children outdoors having fun. Because such an emphasis is placed on this, electronics are not allowed at camp. Parents will see sun-tanned and very happy faces at the end of the camp session, and many parents report that the kids didn't miss them at all while at camp!

Do teens come to YMCA Camp Lakewood?
Oh yes! Teens love YMCA Camp Lakewood and even get their very own special section of camp called "East Camp". While still highly supervised, teens have their own camp life, dances, games and more. They also will interact on a daily basis with the rest of the camp when doing activities, meal times and more.

Does YMCA Camp Lakewood offer dietary options?
Some children who come to Camp Lakewood do have certain dietary restrictions, allergies, etc., and the Food Service Department is able to handle most needs. Once registered, parents are able to contact Food Service to discuss those dietary needs.

My child can't swim very well. How is this handled safely?
On the first day of each camp session, a swim test is given to each camper and appropriate wrist bands are given based on swimming abilities. There are certified lifeguards on duty at all times when the children are in the water, as well as counselors who interact in the water with the children. Additionally, each week continued water safety drills are undertaken by the counselors.

My child has never been to camp before. How does YMCA Camp Lakewood handle this?
Every year many children come to camp for the very first time. Some are the youngest campers at 6 years old, while others may be older and coming for the first time. Each camper is "taken under the wing" of their counselors, who encourage making new friends, overcoming homesickness and being part of the group. At no time is a child ever left alone or unsupervised. It is the mission of all of the camp staff that children are having a fantastic first time away from home (evidenced by how many of these kids don't want to leave!). For the younger campers, there is a greater counselor to camper ratio. For any concerns, parents can contact the camp office.

My child takes medication on a regular basis - can YMCA Camp Lakewood accommodate this?
Certainly. There is a nurse on staff at all times who handles dispensing of all medications.

My child has some special needs - is YMCA Camp Lakewood equipped for this?
Every year there are children who come to camp who may require more one-on-one time with a counselor, who, if necessary, can provide constant interaction and "togetherness" throughout the whole session. If a parent is unsure if his/her child would be able to attend camp, they should contact the camp office. YMCA Camp Lakewood prides itself on its inclusion services.

I don't see individual session dates. Where do I find this?
Because there are more session options than can be listed here, please visit Camp Lakewood's website and click on the "Sessions" page for a complete list.

Does YMCA Camp Lakewood offer programs other than traditional camp?
Yes. YMCA Camp Lakewood offers wilderness programs, leadership (LIT and CIT) programs, ranch programs and more. Please check the Sessions page on our website for all of our programs.

Do you offer more than a summer camp at YMCA Camp Lakewood?
Yes. During the Labor Day weekend each year, YMCA Camp Lakewood offers Family Camp, where Mom & Dad is let in on the camp action with the whole family. Additionally, Camp Lakewood offers a Winter Camp program for kids ages 6-16 from December 27-30 each year.

Can I check out YMCA Camp Lakewood before registering my child?
Yes. Four times during the Spring, Camp Lakewood offers a day of learning about camp through conversations with staff, tours of the beautiful facility and even a sampling of some of the activities. Make a day of it and come see why Camp Lakewood is the premier summer camp in Missouri. Dates are listed on the "About" page on our website.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: June 2, 2019 to August 7, 2019
Multiple camper discounts available
Financial assistance available

Camp Location

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