Wediko Summer Program

Special Needs Camp:
ADHD, At-Risk Children, Autism, Behavioral Issues

Overnight Camp

Camp Address
11 Bobcat Boulevard
Windsor, New Hampshire 03244
(603) 478-5236

Off-Season Address
72-74 East Dedham Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
(617) 292-9200

For over 75 years, Wediko’s Summer Program has served thousands of children and teens.  The Wediko Summer Program is a 45-day therapeutic residential program for boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, that provides an opportunity for children to challenge themselves in social, emotional, and academic areas.

Our success is measured by the success of our alumni.  Teachers and parents often report the following changes in their students and children:

  • Improved ability to make and keep friends
  • Increased capacity for accurate self-observation & emotion regulation
  • Greater understanding of the impact of actions on others
  • Increased problem-solving skills & improved ability to compromise
  • Enhanced capacity to follow other’s expectations & to pursue goals

Please visit our website or call us for further information at 617-292-9200.

Wediko Summer Program Camp Picture
Wediko Summer Program Camp Picture

Camp Video

Camp Facilities

Wediko is located on a 450-acre lakefront campus with well-equipped, modern facilities.  Children engage in a variety of activities including academics, arts, team sports, and water sports.

Camp Staff

One of our greatest strengths is the diversity and experience of our staff. We are psychologists, social workers, teachers, nurses, musicians, artists, and more.

  • College & graduate students receive intensive training before children arrive.
  • Over 130 staff are employed each summer, providing a 1:2 staff/student ratio.
  • Program directors, with up to 40 years of Wediko experience, live on site and work directly with children and their clinical teams.
  • Nurses, psychologists, social workers, special education teachers, and a consulting psychiatrist provide highly skilled care.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: July 5, 2017 to August 18, 2017

Camp Location

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