Taft Summer School

Academic Camp:
College Preparation, Gifted & Talented, Liberal Arts, SAT Preparation

Day and Overnight Camp

Camp Address
110 Woodbury Road
Watertown, Connecticut 06795
(860) 945-7961

Yes, learning and summer fun can coexist! Whether the goal is to test drive private school options, get a jump start on a math class, review a science course, practice a foreign language, or explore topics ranging from photography to international affairs, there is bound to be something exciting and relevant in our course catalog. Arts, athletics, weekend trips, as well as a varied schedule of extracurricular activities round out the experience.

Course offerings include: Literature & Composition, Creative Writing, Journalism, Public Speaking, French, Spanish, Latin, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Biology, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, 20th Century American History, Research Paper, Current Events, International Affairs, Study Skills and Time Management, SAT and SSAT Preparation, Studio Art, Pottery, Photography, Acting, Video Production, and competitive Golf program.


"From my teacher picking me up at the airport, to baking brownies with me on Wednesdays, to the guidance and support, everyone has been so encouraging and supportive and the memories I have made will last me a lifetime. - Tanya"

"The daily life at Taft was incredible. Every minute was filled with learning and excitement. I worked really hard, but played hard, too. - Jonathan"

Taft Summer School Camp Picture
Taft Summer School Camp Picture

Camp Facilities

Because Taft's buildings are all situated close together, you really will live where you learn. The layout of the school buildings is designed so that students, faculty and staff inevitably interact with one another multiple times every day. About 90 percent of our students live in the three dorms utilized during Summer School. Dorm faculty and interns quickly become more than just teachers and chaperones; they become mentors and role models.

Facilities include: 220-acre wireless campus, state-of-the-art dining facilities, modern science and mathematics center, classrooms, language lab, photography dark rooms, 24-hour health center, renovated student union, 12 all-weather tennis courts, eight squash courts, 400-meter all-weather track, multiple playing fields, including baseball diamonds, softball field, and soccer field. 18-hole private golf course adjacent to campus. 

Camp Staff

The Summer School faculty is selected based on their excellence in teaching and their commitment to young people. Most are chosen from the regular school year faculty and from other independent schools; in addition, several teachers from public schools join our faculty for the summer. 

We also select several outstanding college juniors, seniors, or recent graduates who are interested in a career in education to assist the faculty. 

Teachers and interns become advisors, mentors, dorm parents, and coaches. They'll meet the students at the airport, accompany them on weekend trips, become their teammate, make popcorn and watch movies with them, but most importantly, they'll push them to succeed.

Camp FAQs

How big are the classes?
The classes will be very small, generally consisting of 10 students or less. The faculty/student ratio at Summer School is 5:1.

Is there a dress code?
The dress code is informal, with shorts and t-shirts being the norm.

Are the dorms co-ed? Can I have a single if I want one?
The dorms are not co-ed. Limited singles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What about technology?
The campus is wireless and laptops and cell phones are encouraged.

How many kids live on each floor?
On average, about 20 to 30 kids of the same age live on each floor, supervised by dorm faculty. The faculty live in the dorms and are a great resource in the event of any personal, social, or academic issues.

Do I have to participate in sports?
Yes. Sports run from 3:15 until 4:30 PM. Student have the opportunity to choose a different activity each week. Typical options include soccer, basketball, volleyball, weight training, tennis, squash, Frisbee, yoga, and use of the fitness room.

Is Golf available?
Yes, a co-ed competitive golf program is being offered (additional cost) for students pursuing a high school or collegiate level golf program.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: July 1, 2017 to August 4, 2017

Camp Location

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