Lake Greeley Camp

Traditional Camp

Overnight Camp

Camp Address
222 Greeley Lake Road
Greeley, Pennsylvania 18425
(570) 685-7196

Off-Season Address
PO Box 219
Moscow, Pennsylvania 18444
(570) 842-3739




Lake Greeley Camp is a residential camp nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania on 250 picturesque acres, including our very own 50 acre lake. We are a family owned and operated camp specializing in first time campers for nearly 50 years.

Our modern cabins are home to 300 campers ranging in ages from 6 to 15 during the summer.  At least two college age counselors also reside in the cabins, providing 24 hour supervision.

Our camp program offers a 100% choice based schedule for campers in the 5th grade and older where campers are able to choose the activities they want to fit in their schedule every day.  For those younger campers, 1st through 4th grades, we have a pre-determined cabin schedule with a cabin counselor providing additional supervision going from activity to activity and participating in the activities as well.

In addition, we have many trips that campers can participate in over the course of the summer such as hikes in the surrounding areas and off-camp trips to Promised Land State Park, baseball games with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Railriders (AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees), and Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.

Lake Greeley Camp is accredited by the American Camping Association. Our priorities are to provide a safe, fun and exciting summer experience in a supportive, family atmosphere for our campers.  We offer discounts of tuition rates for those who enroll early. For our complete promotional package, including our camp DVD, please contact our winter off at 800-743-6754 or go to

Lake Greeley Camp Camp Picture
Lake Greeley Camp Camp Picture

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Camp Facilities

Lake Greeley Camp's facilities include:

  • a 14,000 square foot gymnasium (including stage)
  • Amphitheater
  • 18 horse stable and two riding rings
  • Olympic size swimming pool
  • Lake and private beach with water trampoline (blob attachment) and Rock N' Slide Inflatable
  • Dance studio
  • Woodworking facilities
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Trapeze
  • Two soccer fields
  • Baseball diamond
  • Two softball fields
  • Two basketball courts
  • Roller hockey rink
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Five tennis courts
  • Four badminton courts
  • Skate park with Halfpipe, Quarterpipe and other elements
  • Pottery & Ceramics studio
  • Photography darkroom
  • Archery & Riflery range
  • ATV track
  • 45 Foot Climbing tower with Zip Line

Camp Staff

Our staff is comprised of approximately 100 counselors and 40 senior staff members coming from not only throughout the United States, but also from all over the world. Our counselors must be at least 19 years of age and have completed one year of college. The average age of a counselor at Lake Greeley is 21 and there are at least 2 counselors in every cabin. In addition to being cabin counselors, candidates are also hired to be instructors at one of our 60 daily activities. Our camper to counselor ratio is 3:1. Our professional senior staff is comprised of coaches, nurses, teachers and other educators. All staff members are required to attend training and orientation prior to the start of camp.

Camp FAQs

What is the difference between camp bank and canteen?
This is a common question that many families have. Camp Bank is the safe holding of money for your child(ren) based upon whatever amount YOU want to put into the camp bank. Your child can then withdraw that money for whatever reason (getting something from canteen, trips, etc.) We suggest $20 per week for the duration of your child's stay at Lake Greeley Camp. There are other points to take into account such as will your child be at camp during our trips to Dorney Park (which usually occur in the 2nd and 4th 2-week sessions). With trips such as these, it's a good idea to check the amount of money your child has in camp bank so they can take a comfortable amount with them. Again, this amount of money you put into camp bank is completely up to your discretion. It can be as small or large as you want, and the remaining sum of money is returned to you when your child leaves camp. Canteen and the canteen fee are related to our canteen where campers go every day to pick up snacks, sodas, waters, clothing or other items. Campers are given a $1.25 credit every day for canteen they can use to purchase those snacks, sodas, etc. The $1.25 credit comes from the canteen fee which is the only mandatory additional charge to the camp tuition. The canteen fee is related to how many weeks your child will be at camp. It is $25.00 per week of camp. Therefore, it is $50.00 for two weeks (a mini session), $100.00 for four weeks (half sessions), etc. To sum up the two: Camp Bank = discretionary, what you want to put in money and Canteen = mandatory charge related to how many weeks your child will be at camp.

Camp Sessions

Camp Season: June 26, 2019 to August 18, 2019
Multiple camper discounts available

Camp Location

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